NAC Advantage

Graphite rod, carbon rod and block
Graphite rods in stock ready for shipment.

Large Inventory & Ready Availability
To insure ready availability for our customers, we maintain a substantial inventory of graphite and carbon rod and block in a wide range of standard sizes. Same day turnaround is available for most products.

Custom Sizes & Formulations
We also offer graphite and carbon rod and block in custom cut sizes to meet your needs. In addition, we can manufacture graphite and carbon to your exact specifications and formulations. At NAC, we are always working to develop new grades to meet the needs of our customers' applications.

Competitive Pricing
Cost-effective production methods and large volume runs allow us to provide our products at very favorable prices.

Flexibility & Fast Delivery
All of us at NAC understand how important quality and on-time delivery are. Also, rush jobs are not a problem. If you need material today, call us. We will do everything possible to deliver what you need, and get you operating with minimum downtime.

Private Labeling
We can also private label products for you.

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